Scooter Update

By David Krogh

The May edition of The Southeast Examiner discussed a significant drop in scooter use within Portland in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and Governor Brown’s “Stay Home, Save Lives” order.

In mid-May, to ease Oregon gradually back to a new normal status, the Governor established a framework for reopening and prerequisites for counties to enter Phase I.

In response, Bird and Lime, two of the world’s most prominent e-scooter micro-mobility companies, have said they will be redeploying small fleets in Portland.

Shared, a small company that had deployed 200 seated e-scooters in Portland, has pulled out and is in the process of liquidating its fleet via online sales.

These refurbished scooters are being marketed from $850-$1,150 each and include key start, battery charger and can travel for 30 miles at up to 20 mph. They are almost sold out at the time of this writing.

Dylan Rivera, Portland transportation spokesman, said the city was sad to see Shared go, “particularly since their seated scooter with larger tires appeared to make the vehicle more appealing and more useful for more people.”

Razor, another scooter company which includes seated e-scooters in its inventory, is still offering them for rent in Portland.

Lime and Bird have been offering discounts to healthcare workers as an alternative to the limitations now facing bus service due to personal distancing requirements.

Maurice Henderson, Bird’s Director of Government Partnerships, said that with less vehicle use, the air is both cleaner and healthier for scooter riding than ever before.

Scooter Update

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