Two days before her death, Jenny Elliot tells her 50-year-old son Phillip that, being half Irish, he should be more careful about his drinking. Phillip and his brother Spencer grew up believing they were Jewish American. Was his mother uttering a dementia-influenced fantasy, or was she leaving the brothers a clue to their real heritage?

After her death, Phillip decides to take a DNA test and the brothers set off on a genetic treasure hunt in search of who they really are.

Are they products of their genetics or were they formed by their social interactions and upbringing? Will they find the answers they seek on an Irish golf course? Most importantly, who is Mr. Wizard?!

SE Portland author Jeff Wallach has written four books of non-fiction and nearly 1,000 articles, essays, and reviews for The New York Times, The Oregonian, Sports Illustrated, Men’s Journal, Money Magazine and many other newspapers and magazines. Mr. Wizard is his debut novel.

Wallach has taught writing at schools, workshops and writer conferences. Order the book at or at