Need a way to relax while spending time at home? Sound and visual artist and experimental filmmaker Curt Stump has created a new 54 minute film called Tribute to a Conscious World; a non-narrative, non-verbal experience that allows viewers to enjoy a pause, a state of mind sorely needed these days.

Tribute is a beautiful unfolding journey and an official selection of both the Natourale Film Festival in Germany and the Earth Day Film Fest in California. It uses non-traditional production techniques, images of nature and an ambient soundtrack.

No humans appear in the film and no words are spoken. The focus is on nature’s beauty, intricate patterns, hidden interrelationships and a vast scale. Mesmerizing scenes of Earth’s treasures and wide sky are accompanied by Stump’s original soundtrack to match the visuals.

He says: “I’m an artist who documents beautiful and interesting things. I felt an obligation to make this film. It is a tribute to nature’s beauty. Watch without expectation and let the film’s slow pace overcome you… This is an hour of time you are giving to your own consciousness, wellbeing and peace.”

Tribute to a Conscious World is streaming free at Scroll to the middle of the page, make it full screen and take a deep breath.

Photo by Curt Stump