Portland artist Remedios Rapoport has big news:

“My painting Acro-Thinking, was selected for the Word Exhibition at ShockBoxx Gallery from a pool of over 700 works.”

The gallery is not in Portland, but there is a virtual exhibition at the Gallery’s 3D tour: bit.ly/sbxxgofigure.

“This word portrait promotes the possible positive benefits of people with strong and flexible acrobatic minds for solving problems of today,” Rapoport said.

“Created within a vintage showcard design, it allows multiple panels of information to be shared in a visually cohesive and playful way. It cries out like an old time circus or sideshow barker to capture the viewer’s attention.”

Portland’s Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC) awarded Rapoport with a grant to curate and present The Gentle Revolution presents: The Pre-Vinylettes’ Suffragette Centential Exhibition at the Ford Gallery later this year.

See remediosrapoport.com for the details.