Rent the Miniplex at Movie Madness

Movie Madness is still closed to the public except for curbside pickup via Movie Madness Express, but now you can rent their Miniplex for an extra special movie-going experience.

The Miniplex is perfect for a date night, family outing, graduation gift, or an entirely solo experience. Your party of up to five people who have been sheltering in place together can watch any film you wish from the extensive Movie Madness collection in the microcinema, fully equipped with cutting-edge sound and projection.

Rental rates are $200 for the general audience and $150 for Hollywood Theatre and Movie Madness members. Choose the film, and a date. They take care of the rest.

See to read about the steps they are taking to make this a safe experience for their staff and your group.

Rent the Miniplex at Movie Madness

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