The Oregon Legislative Emergency Board recently approved more than $200 million in federal Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) dollars to provide further economic support for Oregonians and small businesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The arts and cultural grants break down in two packages: $24,015,128 directly to arts organizations, cultural and community venues, and community colleges.

$25,984,872 will go to the Oregon Business Development Department to deliver to other music, culture and community venues not receiving direct grants under the request.

The Oregon Cultural Trust will allocate and distribute funds to county and tribal cultural coalitions, which will then redistribute them to local organizations and venues.

According to the state’s declaration, “The purpose of these funds is to preserve these institutions and their associated community benefits through the pandemic. Grant amounts for each of these independent venues are calculated to equal seven months of base monthly costs for rent/mortgage payments, utilities and personnel needed to keep the venue operating.”

Download the entire pdf at Kudos to all those who took the time to write letters of support.