Friends of Laurelhurst Park Update

By Peggy Glascock

As the summer progresses, Laurelhurst Park is getting used a lot! Between camping, protest meet-ups, people needing places to be in nature and people needing somewhere to go to get fresh air and exercise, the place is pretty packed.

Nextdoor lists Laurelhurst Park as a place to go for a reprieve and “green” time. We love our park.

Duck signs

Thanks to the Capitano family for re-hanging the wooden waterfowl and adding signs to the fence by Firwood Lake. Some of the ducks were starting to fall over. The Capitano Family have been great stewards of the park.


Laurelhurst Park has been a meeting place for some of the nightly protests. In early August, anti-protester(s) set off pipe bombs, throwing them at protesters. If you see a pipe bomb or something suspicious, please do not touch it. Call 911 immediately. Pipe bombs can be unstable and dangerous.

We ask that you please supervise your dog(s). Don’t let dogs swim in the lake. This spring some goslings were killed.

There have been other reports of dogs going after the ducks and geese. It is disturbing to other park visitors. Thanks!

The green layer on top of the water is duckweed (Lemna minor).

There are reports that certain stool-passed diseases have been discovered in Portland. DO NOT let your dog eat or nose around human feces.

Shigella is one disease that has been found in Portland recently. Giardia, Salmonella and Cryptococcus are possibilities.

The diseases might not even hurt the dog but could go through its digestive system and hurt you while you pick up after your dog.

Please note that the Park Rangers close down the restrooms at night. They are not re-opened until a Park Technician can come to clean them in the morning.

Thanks everyone. Be careful out there. We hope to resume volunteer work parties next year. We will let you know.

Friends of Laurelhurst Park Update

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