Camp Crush’s Fangirl

Missing 1980s new wave synth-pop in these strangest of days? Need a buoyant new dance track with all the hallmarks of those early days of the Reagan era?

Portland duo Camp Crush has released a danceable, very 80s-sounding, new video single, Fangirl, and those times show right down to Jen Deale’s very platinum Blondie hair. They’ve made music for 10 years, have released 3 EPs, multiple singles, and maintained a touring schedule along the West Coast. Their brand of pop is catchy, hypnotic and synth-heavy with breathy vocals and beats. For those who grew up with the sound, it’s a return to a time when those sequenced beats briefly ruled the music charts.

“We had to find a way to keep the music going,” explains Deale, songwriter, lead vocalist, synthesizers. “Times are tough right now, for everyone and all of us. I’ll never take for granted the importance of music, but it can also be fun.” She adds, “I wanted to write a song that could transcend these darker days and give people a reason to dance.”

Deale’s duo with drummer, bandmate and life partner Chris Spicer, began recording sessions from their home. The band aims to access the energy and excitement of life, no matter the circumstances and with Fangirl, they’re returning us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear.

Watch the new video at and dance. The only thing missing is the poofy hairdos.

Photo by Nicole Poulos

Camp Crush’s Fangirl

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