PBOT Seeks Public Input on E-Scooters

In September the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) released recommendations for a permanent electric scooter (e-scooter) system once the current e-scooter program ends this December.

They will present their recommendations, including considering long-term contracts with a limited set of companies to improve the system and increase ridership, to City Council in October.

PBOT has created a survey to gather public input. Voice your thoughts on the program by completing an input survey at bit.ly/PBOTescooterSurvey.

The PBOT analysis of e-scooter usage found that 68 percent of trips started and ended downtown; most trips were just over a mile in distance and took less than 14 minutes; and when bike lanes were available, many e-scooter riders used it instead of riding on the sidewalk.

E-scooter data can be explored at bit.ly/escooterData and PBOT’s full report can be found at bit.ly/escooterReport.

PBOT Seeks Public Input on E-Scooters

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