Baez’ 80th Birthday Livestream

Celebrate Joan Baez’ birthday with her. In commemoration of the her 80th birthday, a reception will be streamed at 5:30 pm (PST) Saturday, January 9 that includes an interview with Baez, a virtual tour of her new art show, Mischief Makers 2 and other festivities and mischief to mark this milestone occasion. 

Mischief Makers 2 is the second solo art show by singer/activist Baez showcasing her portraits of people making the world a better place. A follow up to her debut as a visual artist, the show features a new cast of luminaries and activists in a range of fields – from politics and public health, to literature, sports, music, environmentalism, spirituality and the counterculture. Baez’ portrait of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris went viral when she posted it with the word Badass and her portrait of Dr. Anthony Fauci ignited the Internet when she added the word Trust alongside his image. 

Her new show features portraits of Patti Smith, Greta Thunberg, Michael Moore, Colin Kaepernick, Emma Gonzalez, Wavy Gravy, and author Alice Walker. Limited edition prints of portraits including Bob Dylan, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Anthony Fauci, and Emma Gonzalez will be on display in the gallery and available for purchase. 

Event tickets are $15 online at

Baez’ 80th Birthday Livestream

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