Reformers Augment Reality

The Reformers are an experimental performing arts collective with a simple goal: to tell stories not commonly seen on local stages. Now they’re fusing their immersive performance style with technology to bring you their first ARG (Augmented Reality Game) in a performance series called Re: Lilith Lopez.

Lilith Lopez is missing and she leaves behind a series of videos, a handful of clues, and a warning to anyone who might be paying attention: “If you think you see me, run.” 

She is pursued by paranormal investigator Tamsin Walsh, who must locate Lopez and whatever is hunting her in time to stop an unimaginable evil. 

In the online series, viewers can click through Tamsin’s investigative files, watch videos, read text message conversations, and listen in on phone calls that draw them more deeply into the story.

Then, in addition to the online experience (ticket $25), participants can choose to be sent an expanded game play package ($45) positioning them at the center of the plot. This package will be hand-delivered to your door if you live in greater Portland. Outside of Portland, they’ll ship the box to you.

The audience helps connect the dots as the plot is revealed throughout the month of January. The thrilling conclusion debuts Tuesday, February 2, 9 pm during Portland’s Fertile Ground Festival.

A different type of theatrical experience, this isn’t simply an online reading. Sign up and you’ll will receive further instructions via email.

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Reformers Augment Reality

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