We Are A Part

Cyclical Nature

Artists Kia Zora and Ila Rose have a unique relationship. Both are painters and both grew up in Eugene, Oregon; Kia as a triplet with two identical brothers and Ila with a twin brother. 

They are presenting a show of their art together called We Are A Part, on the walls at the Red E Café, 1006 N Killingsworth Ave., February 15-March 9. 

The show is about relationships and a dialogue about how we are a part of a greater connected network that, at the same time, stands apart separately from each other.  

Even before the pair had met, they were often mistaken for each other. Though not tied genetically, they are sisters, and their art has obvious correlations as well as unique stylistic differences. While Kia paints more intuitively and directly, Ila often plans and works through many detailed layers to reach her final destination. 

Despite these technical differences in their approach, they depict much of the same subject matter: anatomy, nature, symbolism and cycles, as well as sharing a similar color palette that speaks to the interconnectedness of all things and people.

Through years of painting together and sharing creative process in dialogue of how it might relate to their lives and the world, these two have created works that speak to each other as well, and the show is a combination of individual works by both artists and several collaborations as well, meant to showcase how art is a language.

Their work displays the unique bond these two artists have shared and how a connection and ongoing conversation between creative soul-sisters might play out on canvas. 

Sometimes we meet someone we know we have always known, and there is no way to explain or reason around it. For these two, the art has done the reasoning and the work speaks for itself. 

We Are A Part – New art by Kia Zora and Ila Rose at the Red E Café, open from 8 am-1 pm daily. See theredecafe.com.

This is the two artists’ first time showing together, but surely not their last. 

See more of their work via their Instagram pages: @kiazora and @ilaroseart.

Photo: Toward the Light” by Ila Rose

We Are A Part

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