COVID-19 Vaccine Cost Covered

While getting an appointment to receive a COVID-19 vaccine might be challenging, one thing no one should be concerned about is the cost. 

The State of Oregon requires private health benefit plans in Oregon to cover most of the costs of vaccination for COVID-19, including the cost of all doses of the vaccine, associated supplies, and expenses for administering the shot, such as staff time. 

The Oregon Health Plan and Medicare programs do not charge patients for costs of vaccinations.

State Public Health Director Rachael Banks is encouraging all providers to bill patients’ insurance for any vaccination costs and avoid asking or expecting patients to cover vaccination administration costs. 

She said, “There should be no financial barrier to getting the vaccine, whether it’s a co-pay or administrative fee. Even small costs can be a big burden for people with limited resources, particularly considering the economic challenges people have faced for the last year.”

Oregonians who have questions about their insurance coverage are encouraged to contact their Coordinated Care Organization, insurance company or agent. 

For additional questions or concerns, consumer advocates are available.

Oregon Health Plan: 800.273.0557

Medicare: 800.633.4227

Commercial insurance plans: Call the Oregon Division of Financial Regulation at 888.877.4894

COVID-19 Vaccine Cost Covered

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