PP&R EAGLE Caddie Program Open

Portland students currently enrolled as ninth-graders are encouraged to apply for the Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) EAGLE Caddie Program. 

“The EAGLE program is a wonderful way for young people from diverse backgrounds to gain professional experience, learn about golf and to see firsthand the other wonderful opportunities available with Portland Parks & Recreation,” says PP&R Director Adena Long. 

Students do not need experience in the game of golf to apply as an EAGLE caddie. Qualified students are paid an hourly wage as golf caddies on Portland Parks Golf courses. 

EAGLE caddies receive work credit hours with mentors who monitor students’ progress and help guide their success.

EAGLE Caddie Eligibility Requirements:

• Only freshmen students currently enrolled in public or private high schools within the City of Portland are eligible to apply for this three-year program

• Participants are required to work up to 20 hours during the summer

• Must have good attendance in school

• Students must maintain a passing grade in all classes

• Students and their family must meet the program’s financial (low-income) criteria

• Participants must enroll in the three-year EAGLE Caddie Program with the expectation of completing it and

• Must submit two (2) letters of recommendation from a school counselor and/or teacher

• Must have achieved an 8th grade cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.5

• Must have a passing grade in all enrolled 9th grade classes (provide GPA if applicable).

The deadline for EAGLE applications is May 7. 

For more information on the program, visit portland.gov/parks/sports/eagle-caddie-scholarship or contact PP&R’s Carolyn Lee at carolyn.lee@portlandoregon.gov or call 971.930.6762.

PP&R EAGLE Caddie Program Open

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