A Roof and A Bed

Portland Lesbian Choir (PLC) presents its Spring concert, A Roof and a Bed, Saturday, June 5, 7:30 pm via their channel, youTube.com/PortlandLesbianChoir

The concert’s music is presented to amplify the critical issue of houselessness and housing insecurity and PLC engaged two composers to write music for the group to premiere. Giselle Wyers, conductor from the University of Washington, wrote A Roof and A Bed and Kim Horenstein, section lead and Assistant Director, composed Brandon’s Journey Home. 

The Choir is partnering with four agencies who work closely with families, youth and children – Portland Homeless Family Solutions, p:ear, Rose Haven and Transition Projects.

The songs are closed-captioned and ASL is available for four pieces. The concert is presented free, and in honor of PLC’s 35th anniversary, they’re asking 100 people to donate $35. See plchoir.org.

A Roof and A Bed

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