PBOT’s Vision Zero Dashboard Debuts

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) has introduced a new tool to help Portlanders better understand the bureau’s efforts to eliminate deaths and serious injuries from Portland streets – the Vision Zero dashboard.

The new dashboard gives a visually rich snapshot of the variety of quantifiable street improvements, speed limit changes, educational events and other efforts underway across the city to achieve the goal of zero traffic deaths. 

It answers the most common questions PBOT receives about the city’s Vision Zero work and will be updated quarterly.

The topics presented in the dashboard are street design (where PBOT has built something new to create safer streets on the High Crash Network), speed limit reductions in 2019 and 2020, fixed speed safety cameras (locations, traffic volumes and monthly violations), education and outreach (what type and where events were presented 2018-2020) and recent traffic crashes. 

Each section is fully interactive so users can click, select, filter and hover over any items in a map or chart to change the display or show more information. 

PBOT will publish summaries twice a year translated into multiple languages and then distributed to a broad audience of community members with the help of community-based organizations.

Visit bit.ly/PBOTVisionZero to dive into the information and sign up for email notifications as the dashboard is updated. 

PBOT’s Vision Zero Dashboard Debuts

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