The Strange Case of Nick M

Time for real radio! Imago Theatre and KBOO Community Radio present an original radio theater drama, The Strange Case of Nick M., Monday, May 3, 10 pm via the KBOO airwaves. 

Audiences can tune in on 90.7fm in Portland, 91.9fm in Hood River, 104.3fm in Corvallis, or online at The play was written by Drew Pisarra. 

The title character is a pianist who suffers from a rare, crippling illness which leaves him with a memory that only lasts seconds. Imago’s surreal audio journey into his fragmentary world is narrated by a podcaster who has unearthed a box of long-forgotten reel-to-reel tapes once belonging to Nick’s psychotherapist, the controversial Dr. Polina K. 

Listening to these tapes, the audience witnesses the doctor tinkering with Nick’s mind as she struggles to reactivate his frozen memory. You’ll hear from Nick, his wife, Betty and their daughter, Liz and when he unravels after an experiment backfires.

It’s real radio theatre and KBOO has kept this rare medium well done going for years with their Monday night radio theatres. This collaboration with Imago is the first of a multi-production radio series and a natural and exciting progression. 

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The Strange Case of Nick M

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