Joe Horner – Outside Dog

Agenda Gallery’s August show title is appropriate as Americans emerge from the confinement of quarantine and wonder if they will have to return there again. Outside Dog features Joe Horner’s minimalist works exploring feral American themes: skateboarding, rural values, youth, music, biker and car culture. 

Horner’s  work engages the American mythos and youth subculture, art history, perceptions of time and connections to the past using the mediums of sculpture, collage, painting and video. He hosts a podcast too – Your Favorite Artist’s Favorite Artists – exploring iconic contemporary figures and discussing their influences.

The piece pictured here, Damaged, is a part of Horner’s “grip tape on panel” series. Included in the show are “fully skateable furniture” and found object assemblage pieces. 

Gallery hours are 11 am-4 pm Wednesday-Sundays, through September 3. Horner’s Instagram page is @art_as_chairs and his podcast is at


Joe Horner – Outside Dog

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