Black Lives Matter and Oregon Symphony’s “Animal Control”

Outside the Frame (OTF) points the cameras towards young Black Lives Matter musicians and the result is a new music video, Animal Control, featuring young rappers, Mic Crenshaw and the Oregon Symphony. 

Rose City Rising is a collaboration between OTF, Portland Public Schools and Friends of Noise. Students were invited to submit verses for a concept album about Summer 2020, and to record them at a professional studio with support from professional artists and musicians. Five submissions were selected to produce music videos as part of their film workshops.

Musician/activist/educator Crenshaw asks: “What would the soundtrack to a youth led movement for racial justice in the wake of the murders of George Floyd and Breanna Taylor by police sound like? Maybe the healing and the hurt could meld together in a way that empowers our potential as a society and culture.”

Animal Control premieres at OTF’s annual Gala, Riders in the Storm, featuring good films about a bad year by homeless and marginalized youth, screening Thursday, September 30 at the Hollywood Theatre (COVID-19 permitting) and online. Tickets online at See for updates.

Black Lives Matter and Oregon Symphony’s “Animal Control”

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