Heavy Metal Art with Mistry and Pratt

September at Sidestreet Arts, 140 SE 28th Ave., features the work of Kathleen Mistry and Emily Pratt. Both have unique relationships with metal and the gallery is filled with their pounded, nailed, etched and cleaved metals.  

While crafting semi-precious stone jewelry, Mistry is always discovering new methods of texturing and shaping metal. She has created sumptuous copper and silver cuffs, earrings and necklaces using a variety of texture-making techniques including repoussé, etching and reticulation.  

Inspired by the discovery and transformation of 3-D materials into 2-D art, Pratt collects worn and rusty man-made metal objects, deconstructs them, and hammers them into assemblages. Each “metal painting” creates a narrative with hints of memory connecting the viewer to a man-made past. 

This month’s show also features Spotlight Artist Cheryl Quintana and her ceramic animal sculptures and runs through September 26. The Zoom Studio Artist Talk is Sunday, September 12, noon-1 pm. Link at SidestreetArts.com.

Intersections” by Emily Pratt

Heavy Metal Art with Mistry and Pratt

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