Portland Trash Cleanup Resources

The Bureau of Planning & Sustainability (BPS) has put together a comprehensive list identifying how Portlanders can report, organize and remove unwanted trash from the city. 

Report trash near encampments for pickup 

For large piles of trash or loose trash near encampments, call 311 and a customer service representative can take a report for you over the phone or go to pdxreporter.org and select the “campsite reporting” icon. You will need to use (or create) a portlandoregon.gov account to report and request service.

Report illegally dumped materials for removal

Mattresses, furniture, bags of trash, loose trash or other bulky waste not associated with encampments can be reported to Metro’s RID Patrol at ridpatrol.oregonmetro.gov/report/#/start or by calling 503.234.3000. 

The website has a data dashboard showing the average crew response time over the last two weeks.

Report an overflowing public trash can or issues with private trash containers

Contact the Garbage and Recycling Hotline at 503.823.7202 or wasteinfo@portlandoregon.gov. 

Broken or damaged public trash cans can be reported to Quintin Bauer, Public Trash Collection Program Manager, at 971.275.3224 or quintin.bauer@portlandoregon.gov.

Get assistance removing an abandoned vehicle

Abandoned vehicles can be reported to the City online at pdxreporter.org or by calling 503.823.7309, weekdays 8 am-4:30 pm. 

See portland.gov/transportation/parking/abandoned-auto to determine what the City defines as an abandoned or junk vehicle and a listing of the information needed to file a report. 

If reporting by phone during open hours, leave a message with complete info as detailed on the website.

For vehicles that are not abandoned or junk, but are double-parked, blocking a roadway or blocking a driveway, call Parking Enforcement at 503.823.5195 to make a report. 

Suspicious vehicles parked in your neighborhood (i.e. a vehicle suspected to have been stolen) can be reported to the Police Non-Emergency Line at 503.823.3333.

Report graffiti or request graffiti removal assistance

The City’s Graffiti Program offers no-cost or reduced-cost graffiti removal assistance to residents, small businesses and nonprofit organizations who meet eligibility criteria. 

Visit portland.gov/civic/graffiti/request-services to determine eligibility and for additional resources for non-eligible assistance. Report graffiti at pdxreporter.org or by emailing graffiti@portlandoregon.gov. 

Free supplies to remove graffiti yourself can be requested by using the above email address.

Remove an abandoned shopping cart 

Abandoned shopping carts can be reported to 888.55.CARTS (888.552.2787).

Volunteer to participate in cleanup activities

To join an organized litter cleanup, visit solveoregon.org/detrashpdx for SOLVE’s listing of upcoming events. They can be reached at 503.943.2835 or info@solveoregon.org. 

Individuals can organize their own cleanup through SOLVE as well, who will provide cleanup supplies and assistance. Contact peter@solveoregon.org or 971.346.2705. Please allow a minimum of three weeks to plan an event. 

Those looking to make an ongoing impact in a specific area can adopt a block with the help of Adopt One Block (adoptoneblock.org). 

After creating a profile, enter your address and the site will show a map of the closest blocks available near you to adopt. 

From there you can select the free cleaning supplies that you would like to have delivered to your front door by the organization.

Portland Trash Cleanup Resources

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