Withering Looks: An Entertaining Evening with the Bronte Sisters

Imagine yourself in the front room of the Brontë Parsonage in Haworth where hostesses Audrey and Olivia lead you through the lives and letters of Charlotte Brontë (author of Jane Eyre) and Emily Brontë (author of Wuthering Heights) with hilarious detours along the way. 

Cygnet Radio Hour is streaming Withering Looks, starring Vana O’Brien, Luisa Sermol and Sarah Lucht in an irreverent homage to the Brontës and their eccentric family, their classic, beloved romantic novels, and the heather on the moors.

Directed by Louanne Moldovan, founder and artistic director of Cygnet Productions, the show is the latest addition to Cygnet’s streaming collection of radioesque plays. It has become quite the collection and deeply enjoyed by those who like the magic of radio even if it is online.

Sermol says, “I was an English lit major, and felt a kinship with the Brontës. With Withering Looks I get to bring my fascination full circle, I get to be playful with it!” To which O’Brien adds, “This is the silliest thing we’ve ever done, it’s very light-hearted. That droll British wit, y’know…good for the digestion of scones.”

The Companion Conversation, a “literary deconstruction,” features Maggie Fox, Sue Ryding and Director Moldovan discussing the peccadilloes of the Brontës and the proper way to tickle an audience.

It all streams at CygnetProductions.com. Subscribe to Cygnet Radio Hour via Spotify, Apple, Google or however you stream and say… who is the Brontës’ mysterious neighbor, Mr. Moorcock of Ravaged Heath House anyway?

Withering Looks: An Entertaining Evening with the Bronte Sisters

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