The Festival of Migrating Crows

The Festival of Migrating Crows wants to combine your poetry, theater, dance, film and visual art into a celebration of Portland’s migrating wonders, to honor these flying trickster friends.

Portland is home to one of our country’s great migrations and some years there are an estimated 15,000 crows heading here. Though they may be noisy and a nuisance to some, they are highly intelligent, crafty and creative corvids to their many fans.

The festival is for people with a crow fondness. Anyone who feels excitement at the great numbers flying or roosting in a tree is invited to create and participate. The John Daniel Teply Gallery has put out a call for artists, offering $100 and $150 each for dance, film and one-act plays. The gallery is working on a location for their event and pop-up store. They plan to open March 1. The event will be held April 1, a day of a new moon and the perfect time to celebrate tricksters. 

For info, contact the gallery at

The Festival of Migrating Crows

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