Heavy Metal Headbang

Books with Pictures presents Melissa Meszaros reading from her new book, Heavy Metal Headbang. It’s in the store at 1401 SE Division St., Friday, March 11, 5 pm. 

Meszaros was on her way to a Judas Priest concert with Portland friends in 2018 when she was hit by a car as she crossed in a crosswalk. After an extended hospital stay and rehabilitation, and the legal and medical battles, she had to challenge her own fractured self.

Traumatic brain injuries  are mysteries not always understood and Meszaros, after a retinue of many therapies, has found a way back from the place where she barely recognized her own being. Her new book is a journey for us all.

Meszaros said it best in an interview with Jak Hutchcraft in UK’s iNews this month:

 “My story isn’t mine anymore, it belongs to people who are coming out of brain injuries, or people that are coming out of trauma. I hope that it gives people solace and lets them know that they’re not the only people going through these things. They can get to the other side. Nothing is impossible if you just keep going at it.”


Photo by Windie Chao

Heavy Metal Headbang

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