Business Association Notes May 2022

82nd Ave. Business Association

By Nancy Chapin

The 82nd Ave. Business Association is again sponsoring clean-ups. Although there isn’t a May one, there are two in June. Stay tuned for dates and additional details.

We are looking forward to a Virtual Parade for you to enjoy after April 30. Visit

We are already planning Around the World in 82 Dishes, running Saturday, October 22-Sunday, November 6. We’ll have more details on the event next month. 

The Association’s hybrid Annual Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 18, 7 pm. The location for the in-person event is TBD. Khanh Pham, our State Representative, will speak and listen to our concerns; we will have a report on the status of the jurisdictional transfer of 82nd Ave.; and Board elections. Contact us at for further information and to attend. 

Wishing all the mothers in our lives a Happy Mother’s Day. 

Hawthorne Boulevard Business Association

By Nancy Chapin

The planters on SE 36th Ave. have been a pleasant and appreciated addition. The Boulevard Beautification Bunch will be setting up a GoFundMe to replenish the funds in case other areas need more than a monthly cleanup. 

The plan was to have a Mother’s Day event on “lower” (SE 12th Ave.-SE 30th Ave.) and a Father’s Day event on “upper” (SE 30th Ave.-SE 55th Ave.) Hawthorne Blvd. this year. Lower wasn’t quite ready so we are having four GoMom cards (think BINGO) created that include 100 businesses from SE 14th Ave. to SE 52nd Ave. See page five of this paper, visit or visit a Hawthorne Blvd. business to pick them up.

To play, visit businesses on the GoMom cards and create a BINGO (up, down or diagonally) and/or purchase items/meals. Email the receipts to or post the pictures to Instagram, tagging HBBA (@hawthorneblvd_pdx). The game runs Saturday, April 30-Saturday, May 7, with prize drawings for gift cards ($25 and $50) and items from participating businesses on May 11. Multiple entries are allowed. We couldn’t include all the businesses that you might visit for eating, shopping or gifting for the mothers of our lives, but feel free to tag Hawthorne businesses not on the GoMom cards to our Instagram page, too. 

We have been thinking of the reality of involving the entire Boulevard with the Street Fair, which is planned for Sunday, August 28. We invite any Boulevard business to have a booth as it tends to be pretty quiet the length of Hawthorne that day. 

Watch for Father’s Day details next month!

Business Association Notes May 2022

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