Neighborhood Notes May 2022


By Jill Riebesehl

At our upcoming annual May meeting, the Hosford-Abernethy Neighborhood Association (HAND) is inviting our neighbors to hear about and share tentative plans for a tiny house village. For decades, our neighborhood has tried to make a small piece of city-owned land usable. It is a stub of SE 19th Ave. that separates Division and Clinton streets. We had hoped for a community garden, but it was determined to be too small. The lot has seen many uses, from open space to garden respite. The most recent is a series of tent campsites. Two fires, a violent incident at New Seasons and dangers posed to New Day School motivated HAND, nearby neighbors and the city to plot a new course. 

At the meeting we will get a rundown on the history of what we call Avalon Park and a report as to ongoing discussions for its future. A representative from Reach Community Development (which owns properties that border Avalon) will present a tentative idea for 10-12 shelters, with a central area to provide showers, water, cooking and garbage facilities. We will get a report on the Beacon Village tiny house project on NE 76th Ave.

We want HAND residents and businesses to know these talks are occurring, to ask for opinions and to solicit participation. Our meeting is Tuesday, May 17, 7 pm and will be held via Zoom. We will broadcast far and wide on how people can connect. 

In other HAND news, Rene Gonzalez, City Council candidate, introduced himself and answered questions. Chris Eycamp, HAND chair, reported on the Oregon Health Quality’s Bullseye Glass smokestack tests. He said the health impacts are unknown, that perhaps the DEQ-mandated filters are working and it is unknown if the problem is solved. Since this began, he said, the agency has changed a “huge amount toward caring for people.”  

We look forward to seeing you and would rather it be in person, as these gatherings have long have been, until COVID-19. We hope next year we can say goodbye to Zoom and resume sharing our successes, concerns and changes the old-fashioned way.  

Put this on your calendar:  Tuesday, May 17, HAND, tiny houses.

Montavilla Neighborhood Association

By Jacob Loeb

Neighborhood organizations rely on the work of volunteers in the community. None of the civic services performed by the Montavilla Neighborhood Association (MNA) could occur without our citizens taking a turn participating in its governance or activities. Currently, a shortage of involved members is hampering MNA activities.

Neighborhood associations are shaped by the people who work within them. The current members are all caring and dedicated people who want to improve our shared environment. However, we lack the numbers needed to take on anything beyond the basic functions of the organization. Fortunately, as a reader, you can help solve the current shortfall. Your active interest in Montavilla is a good sign that you care for the neighborhood and that is an excellent place to start before getting involved.

The MNA has over five vacancies on our Board. The organization has the ability to fill those positions by a vote outside the regular election cycle. Consider joining the Board or one of our committees. If you sleep in Montavilla, work in the neighborhood or own property here, we could use your help. Please email for more information or come to the meeting and see what the MNA can do with your support.

The next MNA meeting is Monday, May 9, 6:30 pm. Details are available at the MNA website ( Audio recordings of the previous gatherings are available online at

Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association

By Nadine Fiedler

MTNA hosted a community meeting April 20 on Zoom. The main topic of discussion was the preservation of Reservoir #6 in Mt. Tabor Park, the largest, most visible and visited reservoir. This reservoir is currently empty for repair work, but the city budget does not currently have an allotment for repairing it and restoring the water in the reservoir. 

Nominations are now open for those who would like to join the MTNA Board. If you are interested, please email before Wednesday, May 11. We heartily welcome new members and would love to have broader neighborhood participation!

MTNA will host its next community meeting on Zoom Wednesday, May 18, 7 pm, when we will run our annual elections. Find links for this and all of our meetings, under the “Meetings and Events” tab of our website

North Tabor Neighborhood Association

By Kim Kasch

The North Tabor Neighborhood Association met on April 19. Two guests came from the Charter Commission: Gloria Cruz and Bryan William Lewis. Cruz and Williams gave a PowerPoint presentation regarding the process the Charter Commission has gone through and indicated the Charter Commission will be making their recommendation soon. The Charter Commission’s main points currently are: allowing Rank Choice Voting (RCV) to appoint the District Commissioners; having 12 members represent geographical areas in Portland – four districts with three members in each district; City Council will focus on setting policy while the mayor will nominate a City Administrator to run the bureaus; and the current City Commissioners would no longer oversee the bureaus, but would focus on setting policy

We also had Catherine Thomasson, who is running for House District 45. Thomasson’s top items on her platform are: climate change policy that protects people and provides thriving wage jobs; fighting for affordable housing and rental assistance; health care access for all; markedly improved access for mental health and addiction services; and limiting campaign contributions and stopping corporate and dark money donations. You can see more about her platform at 

Kim Kasch, who is running for Commissioner Position 3, also spoke about her top four platform items: safety/sanitation, affordable housing/houselessness, revitalizing the economy of Portland and climate challenges.

Join us for our North Tabor Neighborhood Association meetings on the third Tuesday of each month via Zoom at

Richmond Neighborhood Association

By Allen Field

The Richmond Neighborhood Association held its monthly meeting April 11. Zoom meetings are the second Monday of the month, 6:30-8:30 pm. The link to preregister is on the agenda, which is posted to and the RNA Announce listserv. To be added to the listserv, email

Division Permit Parking Pilot Program: Kathryn Doherty-Chapman, PBOT, updated the Board on the parking permit program that has been on hold the past two years. The 2018 RNA Board voted for PBOT to include Division in a Pilot Parking Permit Program. A permit area was proposed for Hawthorne but was voted down by neighbors in the affected area. PBOT revised the program to have a Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) first design the program for Division and then put it to vote. A SAC was formed, but was put on hold due to COVID-19.

At the May 9 meeting, the Board will consider whether to resume with a parking permit program. Please come to the May 9 meeting to share your thoughts and concerns on parking on and near SE Division St. and having a parking permit program.

RNA Board Election: The election will be Tuesday, May 10, 6:30-8:30 pm at Central Christian Church, 1844 SE Cesar Chavez Blvd. The candidates for seven open seats are:  Richard Bruno, Heather Flint-Chatto, Allen Field, Simon Kipersztok and Matt Tucker. They will be invited to give brief candidate statements at the May 9 RNA meeting and written statements are on the RNA’s website (under the Board Election tab). As in past years, people can vote in-person or drop off ballots at the church. Ballots will be emailed to the listserve and will be on our website. People must deliver their own ballot.  

Richmond Spring Clean Up: Saturday, May 21 will by our Spring Clean Up at Central Christian Church, 1844 SE Cesar Chavez Blvd. Mixed/bulky waste will be collected, as well as electronics (computers and peripherals, stereos, microwaves), Styrofoam and metal. Reusable items are sold at our U-Price-It-Sale. Our large U-Price-It Plant Sale will be back. Items that are not accepted: demolition, remodeling or construction debris, air conditioners, refrigerators or freezers. This event is sponsored my Metro and donations are accepted.

We are partnering with Peaceful Villa to help their residents dispose of mixed waste and electronics/metal/Styrofoam recycling, and with CNB-Seen to do truck and auto rear light bulb replacement to prevent pretext stops by the police.    

Our next meeting is Monday, May 9. Please attend to be more involved in and informed about your community.

Sunnyside Neighborhood Association

By Gloria Jacobs

Our April General Meeting, held both in-person and on Zoom, included a Candidates Forum with the City’s Metro No.6 and Commissioner No.3 candidates. The Q&A discussion covered the concerns of governance, housing, public safety and community issues. A very lively and collaborative conversation was had by both groups of candidates and our neighborhood is grateful for their participation. 

SNA Board elections will be held at our June 9 meeting in the SE Uplift parking lot (3534 SE Main St). No experience required and existing Board members can help you navigate this role. It’s a great way to get involved in your community. Please join us at the Thursday, May 12 SNA General Meeting to learn more. 

Welcome to our newest committee lead. Jamie Smith will be partnering with the SNA to help manage the Land Use & Transportation committee. We’re very excited to have her support. 

We’re still searching for a Newsletter Communications & Advertising Coordinator. Please reach out to for details. 

Thank you to all our recent Sunnyside newsletter donors. We really appreciate your generosity and goodwill. There is a donation link on the SNA website if you would like to contribute to newsletter’s expenses ( We also have advertising spots if you have a business or want to spread the word about something to your neighbors.

Our Thursday, May 12 meeting will be held via Zoom. Details and the agenda will be posted on our website ( on Tuesday the 10th. The General meeting will be 7-8:30 pm with the Board Meeting to follow directly after (8:30-9 pm). Please join us.

Neighborhood Notes May 2022

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