Got Super Heroes? OMSI Does

Opening Saturday, October 8 at OMSI is Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes. The breathtaking exhibition celebrates Marvel’s 80-year history, from the iconic characters to the creators who’ve told the stories. Featuring hundreds of artifacts, including original comic book pages, interactive displays, life-size statues of your favorite super heroes and costumes and props from Marvel films and TV programs (most of which is not on public display outside of the exhibit), it is an experience beyond imagination.

“We are thrilled to bring this exhibit to OMSI because we believe Marvel’s message resonates with so many of our visitors and connects with our own philosophy,” said Erin Graham, President and CEO at OMSI. “The comics and movies encourage us to find our inner strengths and to strive to make the world a better place. At OMSI, we believe our differences are what make us outstanding and we‘re committed to creating spaces where people feel welcomed, respected and galvanized to effect positive change in our community and beyond.”

Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes traces the story of the company and its influence on culture, while uncovering the narratives of individual characters such as Captain America, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange; giving insight on how Marvel has influenced and drawn inspiration from the ever-changing tides of popular culture. The exhibit traces how Marvel stories have responded to historical events and addressed wider issues such as gender, race and mental illness; and honors pioneering creators such as Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, whose imaginations made Marvel into the endlessly expansive fictional universes we know today.

Visitors will be able to explore concept sketches, props and costumes from Marvel Studios blockbusters like “Captain Marvel” and “Guardians of the Galaxy;” enjoy the opportunity to travel through the mysterious mirror dimension of Doctor Strange, take photos next to life-size representations of favorite Marvel characters, including Black Panther, Spider-Man and the Hulk; test the capabilities of the Iron Man armor inside Tony Stark’s lab with an augmented reality experience; and view original art from some of Marvel’s most notable comics from the past eight decades, including the very first Marvel comic.

Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes will thrill collectors and casual fans alike with its immersive set pieces and interactive installations accompanied by a soundscape created by acclaimed composer Lorne Balfe that brings the Marvel Universe to life. The exhibition has been curated by a team that includes three scholars of comics–Benjamin Saunders, Matthew J. Smith and Randy Duncan–all of whom are university professors and experts in their field. Renowned comic book writers and editors Ann Nocenti and Danny Fingeroth also contributed their time and knowledge in order to create a fully-formed picture of the Marvel phenomenon.

Tickets ($24-30 general admission/$11-14 members), available at, include entry to OMSI’s Turbine Hall, reimagined Science Playground and Natural Sciences Hall.

Got Super Heroes? OMSI Does

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