Slow Jam Fizz  Returns

After a nice summer break, Slow Jam Fizz returns on the second Friday of each month for an online jam. Each session is led by different, amazing leaders with fiddle/banjo tunes that vary in their definition of “slow.” Some may be too fast for you, some may be too slow. But who cares? If it’s too fast, give it a try anyway as there’s nothing to lose. Nobody will be able to hear you if you screw up.

The online format also offers the ability to enjoy jam leaders from all over rather than just your local community, as well as the ability to hear the details of the leaders’ playing. Get the Zoom link for the Friday, October 14 jam by emailing, then grab your instrument for the 5:30-6:30 pm session. You can also join via YouTube at

Slow Jam Fizz  Returns

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