Kickstand Comedy Classes

Kickstand Comedy has the most experienced teaching staff in Portland and whether it’s your first time doing comedy or you’ve got some years under your belt, they have a class for you. The improv, sketch and stand-up classes run between six and eight weeks in length and take place at 6118 SE Belmont St. 

Improv classes are offered multiple days of the week and from a variety of instructors. “Intro to Sketch” takes place Tuesdays with Michael Zimmer. There’s also an online class, “Intro to Stand Up Comedy” with Jake Noll in which students will leave the course with at least five minutes of polished material, ready to hit the stage.

In addition, there is a free one-night-only “Intro to Improv” workshop exclusive to BIPOC students taught by Eric Simons. There’s also a three-week class in which Paul Stein shares tips and tools on what works, what doesn’t and the three things that should always be considered when producing a show in “Produce Your Own Show.”

Full details and registration at Register by January 6 and receive $25 off with code “WORM.” 

Kickstand Comedy Classes

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