The Multiverse at OMSI Science Pub

Have you ever wondered if there’s another universe out there beyond the one we observe and inhabit? If so, what is it like? How large is it and is it large enough that there might even be other universes that have unfolded exactly the same way our own unfolded, with nearly identical Milky Ways, Suns, Earths and even ourselves? If just one of the innumerable quantum outcomes had occurred differently, how would those other universes differ from our own? Could there be other copies of ourselves out there that made just slightly different decisions, leading to wildly different outcomes? These questions might fill our minds with wonder and lead to wildly imaginative stories for us to tell,  but science has quite a bit to say about this multiverse, as well. 

Join Ethan Siegel, the world’s greatest, and Portland’s favorite, science communicator, at OMSI Tuesday, December 6, 7-9 pm to hear what we know about the multiverse: in science, in fiction and beyond. Siegel has a PhD in cosmology, is a former professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Portland and Lewis & Clark College, a career he left behind to work full time on communication under the banner Starts With A Bang! He now spends his days writing stories, articles and books; creating podcasts and videos; and delivering talks to curious minds all across the world. If you’ve never heard him speak or read his writings, you’re in for a treat.

Advance tickets ($5 donation) for in person attendance are recommended and there is also a Zoom option (advance registration required). Both can be found at

The Multiverse at OMSI Science Pub

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