Buckman Art Show & Sell

The 33rd annual event takes place Saturday, March 11, 10 am-5 pm at Buckman Elementary School, 320 SE 16th Ave., and will have over 90 artists, student art for sale, food trucks and face painting. The event is a fundraiser to support arts education at Buckman with a $2-5 suggested donation at the door.

Artists’ creations range from paintings and sculpture to jewelry, clothing and paper goods. Here is a preview of three of the talented artists that will be at the event:

Darah Lundberg and her eight-year-old, who attends Buckman Elementary, moved here less than two years ago from Minneapolis. Potter Lundberg mostly makes functional tableware (above) but also creates some sculptural work. Her passion lies with atmospheric firing, specifically wood firing, and she has been wood firing with the East Creek Arts  community in Willamina, OR. Lundberg is a member of the Oregon Potters Association and teaches at SE Portland Community College.

Jennifer Mercede’s art (right) is best described as street art meets toddler art meets fine art. She loves scribbling, doodling, being silly and expressive with paint, markers, crayons or whatever is closest and suits the mood. Her goal is to get into “flow zone,” where she can forget all else and surrender to the joy of creating. She is spontaneous in her creation and loves to think on a whim in a variety of expressions, including art, music, writing and play. She is greatly inspired by nature and the creatures in it, so much of her work at Buckman will be birds, animals and florals.

Abstract artist Katie Tallman layers acrylic paints and mediums to create ethereal, mesmerizing expressions of color and mood. She nurtures each painting into existence, allowing each piece to find its own direction and unique voice.

There’s more event information at buckmanartshow.weebly.com.

Buckman Art Show & Sell

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