Frolic in the Forest

Sidestreet Arts’ March feature show, Frolic in the Forest, will bring out the nature-lover in every viewer. Three local artists–Davis Te Selle, Laura Dufala and Jennifer Foran–bring their interpretations of the forest to this show. One can practically smell the earthy loam and pine sap of the forest while viewing these works of art. A no-binocular-necessary bird sighting is guaranteed.

Selle’s lithographs are executed by using both classic and contemporary hybrid printing techniques. In recent years, he has been drawing on hand-ground glass plates which yield similar tonal sensitivity as traditional limestone. This creates clarity and incisive line etching, as well as a nuanced-value range. His lifelong love of pencil drawing is apparent in the exquisite prints. 

Foran draws her inspiration from the nature that surrounds her, including views of Mt. Tabor Park, and her art reflects her love of nature. She hopes that when people see her art they will discover the cycles within nature, the soft-spoken reminder that everything is connected, a balance of give and take.

The show opens Thursday, March 2 with the artists in the gallery for the First Friday Artwalk March 3, 5-7 pm at 140 SE 28th Ave. 

Frolic in the Forest

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