Wild Oregon Exhibit

Travel Logs, logs and maps,
12×16 inches, by Tom Skelly.

Featured artists Tom Skelly and Jeanne Steffan present Wild Oregon at Sidestreet Arts, 140 SE 28th Ave., Thursday, January 4-Sunday, January 28. The artists will be in the gallery for the First Friday Artwalk on the 5th, 5-7 pm to talk about their works.
From an early age, Skelly’s interest in art did not veer off track and has been a fountainhead for a spacious body of work. After a stint in the army, he went to art school and then began exhibiting his work while designing and implementing a multi-arts program at the Chino prison. Skelly moved to Portland to reunite with family members and continue his studio art endeavors along with hosting his radio program, “The Sound of Pictures” on XRAY.FM. While Skelly is a painter, of his work in this exhibit he says, “Most includes some sort of collage elements to give each artwork additional personality. Sometimes I leave painting altogether as in the piece, Travel Logs, which uses logs and maps instead of paint. The materials I use can be compared to the instrumentation a film composer chooses to boost the subject’s intellectual and emotional response.”

The Sound of Nature, Acrylic on canvas,
24×30 inches, by Jeanne Steffan.

Steffan is a southern California transplant now living and working in Portland. Her love of rain, trees, old architecture and endless coastline makes her a neo-native to the Pacific Northwest. Steffan says, “This exhibit gives me the opportunity to reflect on the awesome beauty and drama I have experienced living in Oregon for six years. Wild ocean and rivers, breathtaking skies, majestic mountains and diverse natural habitat are continual inspirations. Painting nature is humbling, and these works are a personal interpretation of how this biome surprises me at every turn. They only offer a snippet of the infinite splendor this wild state provides. I feel that I have just begun a never ending novel with my eyes wide open.”
Visit Sidestreet Arts Thursday-Sunday, 12-5 pm or online at sidestreetarts.com.

Wild Oregon Exhibit

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