, is a book by Portland author Elaine Cogan, and it’s perfect for those who suffer from dry mouth or sweaty hands when faced with public speaking.

With back to school time here, it is a timely topic too. The slim, sixty-eight page book is a short read, and packed with plenty of ideas. It’s appropriate for students as well as teachers too,  preparing for debates, mock trials and speeches.


Mixing humor with facts, Cogan puts an anxious reader at ease. She quotes a Chapman University Survey: ‘Public speaking was the most frequently cited fear, ahead of heights, drowning, and flying,’ and adds with a wink, “We all have butterflies. My job is to help yours fly in the right direction.”

The author has been a sought-after trainer, a weekly radio host, a columnist for The Oregonian and other papers, and a television political commentator. She also is the only woman to chair the Portland Development Commission.

Order her book online at tinyurl.com/y8eqm64r.