Back in the 90’s, alt-country band No Way Home was the darling of Portland’s indie music scene winning many awards and playing shows at the Pendleton Round Up, punk bar Satyricon, and openers at The Roseland, Schnitzer Concert Hall and others around the state. The band was signed to Tim/Kerr Records and were two-time winners of the Portland Music Awards for Outstanding Country Act. 

Now in the present time, No Way Home’s songwriter and leader Cindy Lou Banks has formed a new band called Brooks Hill, in honor of the area where Banks lives.

 Group members Banks, Brad Price, Donny Wright and Will Fendon have just released a new recording of ten original tunes and appear in concert, Saturday, November 16 at Hallowed Halls, 4420 SE 64th Ave. at 7 pm. Admission is $15 and includes the new CD.

With three writers and three part harmonies, and new songs aplenty, the band performs Banks’ best-known songs too.

Lead guitarist Price is an alumni of Marv Ross’ Trail Band and has performed in Portland bands for decades. Bassist Wright toured with Tracy Grammer and played on two Dave Carter Tracy Grammer albums. He performs with Tom May and Anne Weiss. Fendon’s percussion is the heartbeat. See for sonic samples.