Residential Infill Project Update

By Midge Pierce

Despite a recent Portland State University study indicating the number of people moving to Portland has slowed, city planners are considering density increases for the Residential Infill Project (RIP) that could allow six units on residential lots. 

The densification surpasses the state’s minimum mandates for duplexes in formerly single-family residential neighborhoods. The first-in-the-nation elimination of single-family zones was passed in 2019’s last minute Legislative session.  

Portland planners are set to debrief Council on their own ground-breaking RIP densification proposal on December 11. Opportunities for public testimonials are currently slated for January.  

Also in January, an Oregon Court of Appeals will hear arguments that the plan fails to exercise oversight of so-called Middle Housing policies and that it lacks affordability requirements. 

Residential Infill Project Update

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