Rose and Swing Go “Deep Down”

The Ford Gallery’s new show, Deep Down, invites viewers to dip into the playful exploration of the emotional, mythical, morbid and psychedelic waters of the subconscious. The show features works from Ila Rose and Lindsay Swing (aka Honey and Sass).

Rose’s work is colorful, dark, complex, layered, luscious and surreal. She plays with symbols which emerge from research and subconscious exploration and strives to use her privilege, to be a voice for social injustices as well as an advocate for the value of art in our lives and uplifting the value of the working artist.

“Often we attach a negative morality with the concept of being ‘down,’” Rose says. “This exhibit honors and embraces all that dwells in the dark, under the surface, and under the flesh. With this body of work, we’ve chosen to dive deep down into a kaleidoscope of simultaneity, where the doors of perception become unhinged.”

Rose’s paintings have made her an in-demand  large scale muralist too. She has designed three Oregon Country Fair posters, countless album covers, cards, books and life-sized paintings. Her images are fantastic and scientific, revealing an expanded imagination unbound. (

Swing’s work is influenced by her scientific training, focusing on illustration and sculptural pieces incorporating found biological oddities, such as bones and insects, and often involve growing crystals directly onto an object. A love of abandoned treasures led to an obsession with vintage windows, which she now uses as the primary canvas for her work. Because each piece is made from found objects, imperfections are considered to be a part of their unique beauty. (

At the opening, tea will be served by teapot crafter Jonathan Steele of Steele Tea Studios. The public is invited to attend as an alter-ego or come as you are and to take the dive deep down. 

Deep Down opens January 25 in the Ford building at 2525 SE 11th Ave. at 6 pm. It will be on the walls through February.

Image: “Inner Infinitum Corpus Cathedral” by Ila Rose

Rose and Swing Go “Deep Down”

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