Sunnyside School’s Holiday Christmas Tree Recycling

K-8 Sunnyside Environmental School (SES) is holding their annual Holiday/Christmas Tree Recycling Event Saturday, January 4 and Sunday January 5, from 10 am-4 pm. 

All donations benefit the SES “GO FUND”, utilized throughout the school year to supplement out-of-pocket costs of school field trips for their students and families. Middle-schoolers (grades 6-8) earn community service credits by working at the event and neighbors are welcomed with complimentary coffee, hot cocoa and bonfire.

In alignment with the school’s deep commitment to the study of ecosystems and environmental impacts, all trees are quickly converted into mulch chips, for use in the SES school garden as well as PDX community gardens and local farms.

Drop off trees at Sunnyside Environmental School, 3421 SE Salmon St., in the asphalt area at SE Taylor and 35th, behind the school building. Follow signs and instructions from the students. The $5 requested donation can be in cash, check or Venmo.

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Sunnyside School’s Holiday Christmas Tree Recycling

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