Unfit: The Tale of One Pregnant Teen in the Bible Belt Before Women Had Choice has its book release party and reading Sunday, December 8 at Clinton Street Theatre, 2522 SE Clinton St., at 2 pm. Theatre owner. and writer Lani Jo Leigh writes about her early life in this revealing memoir.

“It was the Age of Aquarius and a time of sexual freedom, but in Oklahoma, sex, drugs and rock and roll were still the “devil’s handiwork”. In the repressed fundamentalist culture of her hometown, sixteen-year-old Lani Jo Leigh struggled with the “sin” of her sexuality. 

She learned she was pregnant and was banished to a maternity home in New Orleans. The book is the story of her time there and also the story of friendship and genuine caring she found. 

Between World War II and Roe v. Wade, 1.5 million girls and young women were sent to maternity homes and coerced into relinquishing their babies. 

Unfit will be on sale at the reading and via Amazon after December 15.