What is a Zine anyway? Why, it’s a small-circulation self-published work of original texts and images. Writer Sarah Mirk is in the midst of making a zine every day for a year and this month she’s leading a new year mini-zine workshop to help you face everyday demons. 

Conquer your writing and drawing anxieties with Mirk’s low-pressure exercises. Learn how to make a simple one-page zine for yourself, and create collaborative zines to share. 

A SE Portland artist and journalist, Mink is finishing up a year of daily zine making and publishing a book of 100 of her favorites. “I’m somewhat obsessed with making zines,” Says Mirk, “because they’re both a way to express myself, and it’s nice working with pen and paper after staring at a screen all day… and create a physical object that can be photocopied and shared with others.”

Participants leave with new tools to document their lives and publish their own work. The workshop is free.

Mirk’s workshop is Saturday, January 11, 2-4 pm at Outlet PDX, 2500 NE Sandy Blvd., Ste E.  It is limited to 15 people so register now for a space. See outletpdx.com.

Image by Sarah Mirk.