Music Millennium Reopens

Things are a bit different at Music Millennium now that they’re reopening June 1.

Here’s how in store shopping will work: Now open from 10 am-7 pm Monday-Saturday, 11 am-7 pm Sunday, all customers must wear face masks. The store encourages you to bring your own. They’ll provide a mask if you do not have one. All staff will wear face masks too.

Other new guidelines: you must use the hand sanitizer at the door. There’s a limit of 10 customers in the store at a time. Arrows in the store will keep traffic moving in the same direction. Entry will be at the vinyl room door on the west end of the building. If you come for CDs, tell an employee at the door and they’ll take you to the other entry.

Millennium cleans the store every night for your safety as well as throughout the day. To sell used vinyl, CDs and DVDs, bring them in boxes with your name and phone number written on them. Incoming used discs will be quarantined for 72 hours before they process them.

1 oz. bottles of hand sanitizer are free with purchase while supplies last. See or 503.231.8926.

Music Millennium Reopens

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