Portland Storytellers Shift Paradigms

Normal? Abnormal? Paranormal? When Paradigms Shift, is the theme for an evening of stories kicking off the 2020-21 season of the Portland Storytellers Guild (PSG) via Zoom, Saturday, September 5, 7 pm.

Guild storytellers Barbara Fankhauser, Chetter Galloway and Juliana Person share stores of life-changing events.

Barbara Fankhauser embraces stories from all the traditions, but the Celtic and Norse epics of her heritage make her heart sing these days. Virginia native Chetter Galloway grew up hearing his father tell stories on road trips. His storytelling has taken him on journeys touring across the United States including to The Smithsonian.

Juliana Person attended a PSG performance and was chosen from the audience to tell a story at intermission. She’s been at it ever since, telling personal tales drawing from her travels, making wine, growing up with horses and surviving cancer.

New shows go online the first Saturday of each month until Clinton Street Theater is open again for live audiences. Tickets are $10 per household. Register at tinyurl.com/PStorytellers.

Photo: Chetter Galloway

Portland Storytellers Shift Paradigms

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