Stranger & Str@ng3r

With the Clinton Street Theater still dark, Portland Storytellers Guild takes an answered prayer, a shape shifter seeking justice and two boys wandering in an ancient temple at night. It’s a night of tales called Stranger & Str@ng3r.

For just desserts and another layer, add a wedding gown, a man in a coffin and a game of skill with a goddess. It’s the perfect recipe for intrigue, ingenuity and unlikely breathless endings.   

This month’s able yarn spinners are Anne Penfound (pictured above), Holly Robison and Alton Takiyama-Chung in stories of the strange, odd and delightful. The evening takes place on  your computer via a Zoom-cast, Saturday, October 3, beginning at 7 pm.

These folks have told stories all over this sphere and, in times like these, stories are a necessary kind of divination to take us somewhere, make us ponder, to use our imaginations and bring us home again, refreshed and renewed.

Tickets for the Zoom are $10 per household. Register at

Stranger & Str@ng3r

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