PSG Digs Deep

PSG, The Portland Storytellers’ Guild, streams a new show Saturday, December 5 via Zoom called Dig Deep, Stories of Hope and Perseverance. The evening’s tales explore the capacity to keep going no matter what the odds.

Gretchen Peterson tells her audiences, “My voice matters!”  and tells personal stories, folktales, fairy tales and myths of women who love women.

Wink Harner tells family stories and accounts of her work as an interpreter for asylum seekers, along with multicultural tales and myths.

Janice Alexander tells a tale about living alone in the woods for such a long time that she forgot how to speak, regaining her voice after a fortuitous encounter with the Newberg goat woman –  and she still lives in Newberg!

Tickets are $10 per household and registration is at

PSG Digs Deep

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