Jack Williams In Concert and Artichoke’s Summer’s End Fest

Artichoke Music, 2007 SE Powell Blvd., is hosting live music shows at 50 percent capacity until further notice. Advance tickets and reserved seating advised.

Saturday, August 21, 8 pm, Jack Williams In Concert – Williams’ memorable and energetic solo concerts have been applauded from Newport, Kerrville, Philadelphia and other folk festivals to music halls and house concerts. 

Williams is an uncommonly unique guitarist and a writer of vivid songs with a strong sense of place inspired by his southern roots. In his 61-year career in jazz, classical, folk and R&B, he has accompanied Peter Yarrow, Tom Paxton, Harry Nilsson, Mickey Newbury, but he is best doing his own songs from an incredible repertoire of 11 fine albums. Tickets at tinyurl.com/jackwilliamsA. See JackWilliamsMusic.com for a preview.

Before his show on the same day, Williams hosts a master class workshop at 2 pm called The Music You Hear In Your Head which he describes as “…exploring the music and making it happen on your instrument immediately.” The class is $40.

Thursday-Sunday, August 26-29, Artichoke’s Summer’s End Festival celebrates their reopening with live music from Mary Flower & the BBQ Boys, Arietta Ward, Terry Robb, Kim Fields & the Perfect Gentlemen, Tom May, Darkswoon, True North and more. Details at ArtichokeMusic.org.

Jack Williams In Concert and Artichoke’s Summer’s End Fest

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