Kellogg Play Field and Walking Path Open

After three years of construction on a new Kellogg Middle School, the play field and walking path are open to the public. Visitors familiar with the former layout will notice it has been completely transformed. 

The original Kellogg school building sat in the center of the site, dividing it into two smaller fields, the new Kellogg building sits close to Powell Blvd. with a larger field behind it.

The new field and walking path were designed with community use in mind. It is just one of many features that will make the new school a focal point of its SE neighborhood, offering a resource hub for the community.

Funds for the project came from a May 2017 bond, which included the rebuilding/modernization of three high schools and $150,000,000 in funds for health and safety projects across the district. 

The School Board selected  a full replacement rebuild option for Kellogg because the cost was less than renovating and adding to the existing facility. 

This allowed the district to build a modern facility addressing health and safety issues at Kellogg while meeting the programmatic needs of a new middle school.

The new school opens in Fall 2021 and represents a vision of Portland Public Schools for middle school education, offering expanded options and programming for students, including dedicated outdoor learning spaces. 

More information about the project can be found at

Kellogg Play Field and Walking Path Open

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