Summer Action Team for High Schoolers

The Portland Summer Action Team offers high school students an opportunity to work together and complete a service project to aid a community or topic of their choice July 12-23. 

The program is run by the Portland Student Pandemic Response, an online-based nonprofit started by a small group of high school students in April 2020.

The Summer Action Team contains four focus-based groups applicants can choose from (environmental, opioid epidemic, racial justice or food insecurity) and a variety of Zoom and in-person activities and volunteer opportunities, running 1-3 pm Monday-Friday.

Students have the opportunity to use critical thinking, collaboration skills and artistic abilities in whichever path is chosen. 

Hours volunteered with the program are officially recognized by Portland high schools as volunteer service hours.

Applications for the second session are due by Friday, July 8 and can be found at

Summer Action Team for High Schoolers

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