New Neighborhood Comic By SE Artist

SE cartoonist, and artist-wünderkind, Bridgett Spicer is the force behind Auntie Beeswax, a new weekly comic strip featured in Willamette Week

Spicer’s Sunnyside neighborhood is the main inspiration: “in the sunny Belmontavilla neighborhood” as well as her own status as a real silly Auntie. 

“It’s not hard to find things to write about. Just walk outside your front door,” Spicer says, musing about her muses. “I hope that Auntie Bee, with her little kindnesses, helping hand, and good heart can spread some positivity, which we all can use.” 

Follow the strip in WW or via Spicer’s Instagram page, @AuntieBeeswax.

New Neighborhood Comic By SE Artist

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