Humbird At Strum

Minneapolis based indie folk artists Humbird fly into Portland, celebrating the release of their sophomore album, Still Life

The tour goes through 10 states, landing here Saturday, March 26 in the guitar parlour of Strum Guitars, 1415 SE Stark St. #C. The all-ages show starts at 7 pm and $10 tickets are available at the door.

Still Life is about a house with each song a different room. It’s a shimmering sound with space and melodic invention and propelling heart-rhythm, weaving through the rippling events that took place in Minneapolis in 2020 – a chronicle of a city reckoning with anger, grief and white supremacy, while the whole world watched.

Siri Undlin wrote the album during a time of isolation and distant togetherness. She and producer Adelyn Strei recorded and produced the songs into a 10-song soundscape. 

“It is a letter to the future,” they say.  “Humbird wants you to smell the lilacs in the front yard and the tear gas in the streets. Humbird wants you to hear how hope is actually a verb.”

See and listen in.

Humbird At Strum

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